Welcome to TANGEDCO Online application filing portal for New Service Connection,Temporary supply,Addition or Reduction of Load in respect of LT service connection (except hut and agriculture) ..

Kindly go through the following procedure before filing the application..
      The applicant has to select the type of application and fill in the required details as per the type, say new service/ load addition/ load reduction, with other details such as name, address, mobile no., e-mail id etc.. .

      The applicant has to submit the application and additional forms as the case may be as per the provisions in the TNE Distribution Code after filling up the details over web along with uploaded supporting documents..

      In case of special buildings, multi-storied buildings, industrial, commercial buildings and other category of services (such as educational institutions, etc.) except the domestic category , the hard copies of the signed application and self certified documents shall be obtained before effecting supply.

      No hard copies of the application with hard copies of documents need be submitted (by the applicant) for service connection to Domestic applications except those covered under above para. The online application can be treated as signed copy and no need for a separate signed copy and the online application shall be treated as the Agreement.

      The completion certificate to the special and multi-storied buildings in the CMDA jurisdiction shall be obtained before effecting service connection.

      The OTR/RTR forms are available in the online and the applicant in respect of Domestic category except those covered in the above(In case of special building) shall fill the required details in the OTR/RTR and upload the same through web portal.Clickhere to download OTR for and undertaking OTR form and Undertaking-Download

      On submitting the application, the ‘Acknowledgement cum Demand Notice for Registration Fee’ would be generated along with the ‘Application Reference Number' .

      Print out of the entire application can be taken using "Print Application Form" menu.

      "Application Status Menu" may be used to view the application status and to make the payment .

      All payments related to this application should be paid only through TANGEDCO online payment portal. .

      Timeline for effecting service connection as notified by Tamil Nadu Electricity Regulatory Commission

For filing online Clickhere